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We have many apps to chime into our Indie Power. Please enjoy the 24/7 Streamer it is loaded with the best Indie Artists/Bands. Our superb Presenters shows are added onto our streamer and can be heard for a whole week!

This Zeno Streamer has mobile apps available to plug into our Indie Music Scene. You MUST download App if your browser is giving you problems on tuning into your mobile device. Please be patient for sound to load it will take a few moments if you are listening from your PC..

    Engage with us in Good Spirits on our ChatBox:

    Radio Indie FreeForm has two websites for Twitter and Facebook.

    Please enjoy our diverse Indie Streamer full of great Artists/Bands who has given us permission to air music by them or music promoting agencies. If you would like more information of track that is playing, Click onto name of Artist on player and see what happens.

    Radio Indie FreeForm is a crusader in working to build fan bases, and connecting to social media outlets for the Independent Indie Artist.

    If you would like to submit music to RIFF, please go up to the top of this page. There is one of our Page tabs called "Website on WIX" click on the link and it will take you to site: