Broadcasting Independent Indie Artists


R.I.F.F.'s core purpose is to bring down the house, and represent International Indie music artists who act as a broker for themselves, and forego the expensive costs, as well as smaller income, of Big Labels. We are a Radio Station that basks in the richness of educating, build fan base, inspiring, give hope and promoting Independent Indie music over the Internet airwaves. RIFF makes no money off the artist! It is our mission to encourage the public to stop downloading music for free and support music artist/bands by buying their music!
Even though we are a Cyberspace Station who airs Indie Music, we pride ourselves in linking the right trustworthy, and cost effective business to the struggling Musical Artist in hopes they will find the right aid on their pathways in this day and age of high Technology madness. This is one reason why we are connecting with "The Rising Star Ventures" to become an Investor in (Philippe Maille's) Crowdfunding, Social Media, Marketing, and so much more.$$$/

R.I.F.F. is a Global Internet helping Hand Radio Station that shares donations with Ahames. It is R.I.F.F.'s honor to be associated with a positive and rewarding charity such as Ahames. We want you to click on their link and see for yourself the glorious, generous help this charity provides for the struggling population of the world.

Sponsors or Contributors are offered an opportunity to take part in the greater cultural community, by underwriting programs, or the Station. Guaranteed frequent On Air exposure to the listener's, informing them of your presence and importance to us. Not only do we announce your firm, business, and private parties name over our global airwaves, we place your name with tender loving care for a year, or life time support ,with gratitude for your contribution.

Without donations or sponsors we would not be a striving, growing Internet Radio Station it is today! Donations are what help R.I.F.F get prime services to broadcast Indie Music to our global listeners. So when you support Radio Indie FreeForm you are also giving to Ahames!
Just click donate on Ahames site! Your donation is tax deductible!
We thank you for your support small or large it makes a difference to both organizations!


Ahames welcomes the opportunity to work for, and or partner with Faith Based, Charitable and International Organizations or Missions to improve efficiency and be effective at delivering better quality services in the following areas:

  • Healthcare / Agriculture

  • Education / Training

  • Nutrition / Clean Drinking Water

  • Economic Development

Because of your cooperation with us, AHAMES is able to deliver healthcare services to hundreds on a monthly basis, provide safe and clean drinking water to thousands, distribute food and clothes to those who have lost everything during the hurricane seasons, deliver educational materials and provide financial support to many poor families, and engage in livelihood enhancement projects for economic development in many underserved rural areas of Haiti.

**A HUGE THANK YOU GOES OUT TO CAPITAL Computers. You guys are freaking the GOD of computers. RIFF is in your debt for fixing our computers.