Broadcasting Independent Indie Artists


STARTING TIME: 24/7 Auto Jock every day AND WEEKENDS.

Our clock will help you on timezone just click on the time ~
We are MDT USA Time Broadcasting from New Mexico.

What type of music? "It's all FREEFORM INDIE MUSIC" These are the times for our Special Show Schedule .

MONDAY "Boot Scootin' Monday"

9:00-10:00 AM MDT USA

RANDY C MOORE From Highway 59 Records and Neon Music Country Legacy

***10:00-12:00 PM MDT USA***

"Live Broadcasting" Every other week on Boot Scootin' Mondays.


Americana, Blues, Folk, Indie Blues, Country & Western, Bluegrass, American Indian, Country Rock, Soft Rock, Southern Rock, Delta

12:00 Auto Jock

(Electrifying Tuesday)

11:00-12:00 PM MDT USA Don Vito's Chill Lounge will re-air from Jazzmatazz Day Thursday.


12:00-2:00 Or ??? PM MDT USA VISIONARY/SOUND/SYSTEM fresh new vibes streaming

The second week of the month on Tuesday's. And you can always listen

to our 24/7 Audio Player for VVS's Special shows.

"Visionary Sound System"

Drew Relf from the Garden of England

Genres: Dub/Reggae/Rockabilly/Electronica/Trance/FreeForm and more


2:00 pm Auto Jock

(Wild Rock Wednesday)

Listen to Sassy's Special Rock Shows on 24/7 Auto Jock

Genres: Various styles of Alternative Rock and Rock & Roll, Pop Rock, Shoegaze, Punk Rock, Blues Rock, and /or Heavy Metal


12:00-2:00 PM MDT Every Wednesday


Genre's: Various Styles of Rock and Roll, Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, etc. Smooth as Ice Jonathan's skillful programming showcases Great Diverse Artist/Bands. We are positive you will fall head over heels listening to his dynamic quality sets.

Jazzmatazz Thursday


8:00-10:00 AM MDT USA DJSassy Del Sol Jazzmatazz

**10:00-11:00 AM MDT USA or 11:00 AM EST Don Vito's aka Vittorio Gerlini- Chill, Electro, Dance, Worldbeat mixes will make you dance your listening experience in style.

Master Chris has become an OUTSTANDING Interviewer. His Interviews are always on our 24/7 Auto Jock. Chris will also grace you with his fresh Twenty First Century Composers show. We are positive Chris's choice to honor artists will be the perfect relaxing time to listen to Indie Music and the Interviews of global inspiring Artist/Bands he produces. Our Master Chris's shows are on our 24/7 Auto Jock.

"FreeForm" FRIDAY'S
PM Tim Board "Eye On Jamz Radio"


1:00-2:00 PM MDT USA
MS. MUSIC aka Paulette Jackson

"The Jazz Zone" Get ready to move and groove to Ms. Music's R&B, Funk, SOUL, Jazz music. This will be the only DJ we will allow to play some Labeled Artist.


The Works of DJ Host/Programmer Josh Lasden from El Futuro Recordings straight out of Eeklo, Belgium will be your International Jazzy host here and there with his hour set. Josh's Shows are added to our 24/7 Auto Jock.

We are positive you will enjoy his sweet relaxing chill, jazz, Electronica shows and more.

Our Auto Jock is FILLED with over ten hours and more of Independent International Indie Music, Along with our special host shows so our global listeners can plug into their favorite host who support Indie Musicians/Bands and listen any time.

Our Audio Player is designed to help sell, connect, and promote all the Musicians we give global air-play. Radio Indie FreeForm DOES not make money from Bands/Artist creativity.