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Dawn Martinez

Creator of R.I.F.F., The Only Live Broadcasting host three days a week (Sassy del Sol),
I am the Founder for this outstanding FreeForm Radio Station. I concocted this non-profit site for the International Independent Indie Music scene in hope to air and back-up Indie musicians into a trustworthy, global airplay to flaunt their talent to the Internet Radio World. And healing the trouble musicians that has been wronged by society. As a Humanitarian I feel with the massive constant changes to our music world, it's important to aid many artist/bands that they're quality music matters and notes RIFF is a safe haven full of respect of Indie Power. However, make no mistake RIFF strives to give the best advice and direction for artist to understand how not to be taken advantage. It is my hope that its important to educate people to READ READ READ contracts, websites, and social media postings before they venture into music groups and Internet Radio Station that are not Legit and ready to take advantage of an eager artist missing the warning signs.

In the future of 2021, I hope Radio Indie FreeForm will become an investor to help Artist/Bands reach their dreams. This is hopefully entailing R.I.F.F. will help with quality Recording cost to the striving struggling artist/bands. I feel to help others through hard times will heal many emotions, and health issues. This idea and dream will succeed if other generous companies support Radio Indie FreeForm.

We cover over 30 genre's in the Indie music scene. I hope you all enjoy listening to quality diverse music because we have loads of music from all over the world.

I reside in the Land of Enchantment New Mexico, USA. R.I.F.F'S station uses Solar power energy (By: Positive Energy Solar) to broadcast on the online airwaves. I believe Music connects all human kind together as our world is changing from FM/AM Radio into the superhighways of Cyberspace.

My air times are: "Boot Scootin' Monday" @ 10-12:00 PM MST USA.

RocknRoll On Wednesday From 10:00-12:00 PM.

On Thursday Jazzmatazz show starts at 8:00 AM with Vittorio Gerlini's Chill Lounge following. Please check schedule for ALL airing times.

Author to a published romance novel called "Slingshot" all proceeds are given to I am a Organic Rancher, Entrepreneur, Business owner, Dedicated Multi level Humanitarian, Spiritual Entity, and known as "The Spitfire"



VITTORIO GERLINI-- Promotional agent for R.I.F.F. DJ HOST in Chill Lounge, Electronica, Salsa/Latin, Flamenco,
PIANO-KEYBOARDS-GUITAR-BASS. ITALIAN MUSICIAN LIVING IN TOKYO JP. Producer/vocalist Vittorio plays every night live at the hottest Tokyo's club scene.
Vittorio also works in TV and Radio Show as a Singer an Actor doing Commercials, and variety shows. He has loads of knowledge in music as he has worked with Fusion bands from Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Africa, and Europa.
Vittorio has generously donated his artistic gift too R.I.F.F.'s media adventure. His dynamite artwork in promoting Radio Indie FreeForm showers our website masterfully. We are forever thankful of how awesome Vittorio cross promotes our mission with his positive energy. You can also find Vittorio Gerlini on Facebook where he graces us with his presences during morning hours of "Cafe Ole." Be sure to google Vittorio Gerlini, he has an extensive playlist and albums available to the public!

Vittorio has joined DJ Sassy Del Sol on Jazzmatazz Thursday with his cool Chill Lounge show begins at 10-11:00 AM USA MST.


RIFF's Gracious Guilding light into another galaxy! Coming out of the lovely Garden of England, Drew and his "Visionary Sound System" will enlighten your cosmic experience with Indie DUB/Rockabilly/Reggae/Electronica/Trance/Eclectric Music. Drew's suave and smooth sounds will be broadcast On (Electrifying Tuesday) @ 12-2:00 pm MST USA. Drew's replay shows can be heard on Friday. Please check the schedule for times of airing. We are hoping for Visionary/Sound/System to broaden his journey with us as we plead for more air-time. *wink* Be sure to keep checking the schedule for confirmed times and date. We warn everyone, you have to get your dancing shoes on as Drew Explodes the Universe with INDIE POWER!


Ms. Music~

Paulette Jackson, Founder/CEO of SCORP Radio Network, host of "The Classic Soul Music Café" Internet Radio Show, Voiceover Artist (My company, Ms. Music’s Voice) and published author of "The Music In Me".

Paulette is also the Program Director of WMEL Radio (internet station) and co-host of The DJ Mel Show on WMEL Radio.

I attended and graduated from the Cleveland School of the Arts as a Dance and Vocal Music Major, 1983-1987 and attended Master Voiceover Classes at Such A Voice, based in Burlington, VT. My love has always been music and entertainment and worked in many areas of the business.

I have two adult daughters, Paris 27 and Brooke 26 who also have a love of music and dance.

Paulette Brings her dynamite R&B and Soul sets to RIFF on Friday's at 1:00-3- PM MDT USA

CHRIS JARAMILLO “Compose Yourself!” This is the way Chris Jaramillo approaches his life. A songwriter from Santa Fe. NM, United States; Chris finds direction in those words both spiritually and productively. Having Studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, he is an avid composer and multi-instrumentalist. As a bassist and pianist, Chris has toured, recorded and performed with several artists including Ciano, The Lush Life, Tony C’ de Baca among many others. His studio work includes producing and engineering albums for Jason Vigil, Heart Gone Sober; The Lush Life, Less Than Yesterday as well as his own album, “Let Me Tell You A Story” which received a New Mexico Music Award nomination in 2015. Chris and his lovely wife now resides in New York, USA in the year of 2017.

Currently Chris is in the studio finishing his second album as featured artist. The forthcoming “Thwack” is slated for release April 2018.

Radio Indie Freeform welcomed Chris Jaramillo as host of the show Twenty First Century Composers on R.I.F.F. Radio in January 2018.

Chris's NEW shows 2019 will air 11:00 AM MST USA on every Thursday after Jazzmatazz Day with DJ Sassy Del Sol and Don Vito's Chill Lounge. Chris's new sets will consist of INTERVIEWS and the Artist/Bands music. A show you diffidently want to tune into.


"Passionate about programming radio shows that entertain you musically" is Jonathan L's Moto.

Jonathan L's radio career began in March, 1982 in Tucson, Arizona at 96 Rock KLPX with his creation, "Virgin Vinyl."

In the summer of 1986, Jonathan moved up to Mesa, Arizona to start up alternative station KEYX 100.3 with his friend John "Johnny D" Dixon, referred to as "the key to your musical future." The station ended in late 1987. Many felt it was far too ahead of its time. Jonathan was the assistant program director/music director.

In 1988, Jonathan L was hired by Phoenix rock station 98 KUPD, where he hosted "Virgin Vinyl" on Sunday nights until 1992. Airing his "Virgin Vinyl" show was an instant success in Phoenix, Arizona. Jonathan's show garnered several “Best Radio Show” awards from the Phoenix New Times, which called Jonathan L “a thoroughly modern mouthpiece” who played “forward-looking wax attacks.” By 1989, Jonathan L founded and became program director for KUKQ AM, Phoenix’s first all-alternative music station.

By the late ‘90s, Jonathan L was considered a national go-to guy for alternative radio, and in a 1996 interview with New York Now, he rightly predicted “more British and rhythm-driven music shaking up the mid-90s cabal of American-born alterna-rock bands.”

Radio Indie is excited to bring a new host into our Indie House of Music. We are positive your going to enjoy Jonathan's Rocking Style that covers many genre's into one magnificent Show.

You can read more about Jonathan L's extensive impressive musical story on these links:






Newly added to our Indie Team of Host TIM BOARD:

Front Range Radio, hosted by Tim Board has been on the air for six years now. The program, originating out of Colorado Springs, Colorado features music and interview with independent musicians from Colorado and around the world. Front Range Radio airs music from a wide variety of genres, giving the listeners an opportunity to discover different types of music each week during the one hour program.

Tim has had the pleasure over the years to interview such artists as Zak Sloan, the band Swirl, Kill for Eden, Whiskey Kate, Cass Clayton, Michal Towber, Cliff Wheeler Band, and many others.
Eye on Jamz powered by ION Indie Magazine hosted by Tim, not only features music from some of the indie artists featured in ION Indie Magazine, but also indie artists from all over the world. Eye on Jamz is the hottest music you have not heard.
Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, Tim was bitten with the passion for radio listening to music on KSHE 95FM, sports and late night talk on KMOX 1120AM. This passion lead to Tim obtaining a degree in communications and Tim working at the college radio station during his time in college. After college,Tim worked a few years on couple small commercial radio stations in Central Missouri.

Twitter: @frontrangeradio
Front Range Radio:
Eye on Jamz:

INGRID SMITH Promotion agent
Ingrid Smith, also known as "Eclipse"!
Starting tonite, here in the states, but targeting our friends of other countries!
Ingrid is a recording singer/songwriter/composer that started her music career in Europe traveling with a band performing for the American Forces in Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey.
She met her husband in Germany, and relocated to Florida, USA and started a jewelry company. Ingrid became a host for "Talk AM Radio" in West Palm Beach, Florida when she got the bug to get back into the music industry.

Through social media she found "Deltona Records Recording Studios" in Deltona, Florida with award winning producer Frank Starchak, who convinced her to consider singing again ... the rest is history. Ingrid got contacted by composers, radio stations and music webportals. Her breakthrough came through her agent, Christina Campbell, who introduced her to Tiffany Gaines and Curtis Young, son of Dr. Dre, who called her and signed her into "World Wide Music Corporation".

Today, Ingrid, aka "Eclipse" is heard in 60 countries, her music is on all known music portals. Her genre .... nobody can really identify, because it is a little of everything, she simply describes it, "Transcendence Pop", songs about E-motions, about daily situations, inner dreams and desires...
Ingrid is on top of her game when it comes to the business side of our beloved industry. Ingrid looks at it not only as a musician , but the business itself and educates herself on it daily as she creates her "I AM" post.
If you have a questions about the biz, she might just know the answer, or she will research it for you!

PAUL MUNSTERMAN YouTube master of Video's

"Paul's Jams" consists of, and features music videos of favorite Major/Int'l Artists/Groups in Smooth Jazz/R&B/Adult Contemporary/Electronica Adult/Standard Jazz etc.
Paul integrates INDIE Music Videos of INDIES he personally knows and features and is happy to do the same with several of our INDIES!

We'll be Cross Promoting with Paul as HE selects INDIES of interest on Radio INDIE

FreeForm to put into his mix and further promote nationwide/global on YouTube.

Here is a sample video of 190 songs of Paul's mix of Music Artist.

Robin DesJardins DJ KROB Has retired from RIFF.

Lifetime musician, performer and DJ from the coffee houses of the Vynl Age. Lover of most styles of musical expression, DJ KROB will bring shows built around rock styles, blues styles, jazz...and sometimes go full on Free Form with just good mixes that flow for your listening enjoyment.

DJ KROB's Show will air as a GUEST DJ whenever we want to give you some good music to listen to.