Broadcasting Independent Indie Artists



If you would like to share your music with our global radio Internet station, please send one track to be reviewed and write "I ACCEPT". We will contact you if music is accepted, give it seven business days for a reply. If you do not reply "I ACCEPT" when sending us one of your tracks, we will NOT even consider your music and noted you did not read this submission page. If this is the case you will not hear a reply. DO NOT send us LINKS to view music!

NOTE: Radio Indie FreeForm charges a small lifetime fee. By sending us your music you AGREE to allow our station to air your music an accept a PayPal invoice sent to you via email joining into our humanitarian promoting membership fee of $25.00 USD. However, we are in Affiliation with "HempMyPet" promoting great health and wellness for our animal kingdom world. If you click on banner and purchase products from site your membership is a gift to us free.

If your music is not accepted you will not be charged a dime~ It would give us great pleasure to stay a free service to help as many musicians as possible build their fan base, sell their albums, global radio exposure, give links on many Social Media platforms. Sadly the cost to stream is becoming very expensive. This is the only way we can manage to stay alive and keep a safe trustworthy haven for the artist/bands and the rising stars of the future.

Write "I Accept" and send ONE Track TO: MUSICSUBMITRIFF@GMAIL.COM


Artist Note : Please make sure you are sending out QUALITY sound recordings, or your music will NOT be considered for Air-Play!

We accept 320,down to 128 kbps music, which is Radio Ready!!!!

Benefits: Lifetime Music placed On A 24/7 Auto Jock throughout the year, Unlimited music files accepted, Social Media Shoutouts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wordpress, The Rising Star Ventures), building up Fan Base, music will be used by various DJ's globally "Live and Recorded Sets", and Connections to music promoters. YouTube Video's can be shared on our Website for extra exposure. Note: On our Audio Player every song is hooked up to where Artist/Bands music is being sold example: ITunes, Amazon. Just place your curser under the name of artist and find out. If your music is not being sold through these sites you can click name and the audio player will take you to "How Many times your tune was played on R.I.F.F. and other global stations." Note we do have a licensed streamer that pays royalties.

We Require full meta data with your audio files:
Artist/Band Name
Song Title

File Size in Mbs
Run time.

Please note Artist/Bands we can't change your files sent to us. It must be you to ensure files are correct. Below are a few apps to help your metadata on files.

Use a music file editor...Hover your mouse over link you would like to use and click:  Tune Up, iTunes, Windows Media Player or MediaMonkey.

Having correct Meta Data on your music helps us and others link to your on-line distribution with every spin to help support your music sales. Check the Meta Data on your song files especially if you break APART your album. If accepted unlimited files can be shared by using DropBox or WeTransfer. The Choice is yours but easier to send large files instead of using email Google Drive.

We are not members of Sound Exchange due to the excessive fees they impose upon Internet radio. However, our streamer is associated with ASCAP for artist/bands who receive royalities. Radio Indie FreeForm does NOT sell or make a profit off the Artist we represent.

Making a contribution to RIFF would be a glorious gift. We always are looking for Sponsors, so if you wish to support us here is a link for our Crowdfunding with The Rising Star Ventures: